July 14 and 15th - from 9am to 6pm | Gold Coast

Quantum Healing & Cell Recoding I (Cura Quântica - modulo I)

Quantum Healing is a medical astronomy technique channeled through the Sirians, passed on by Sri Sai Baba and made available so that humanity can remove the memories of distortions, sufferings and diseases that have been absorbed by the cells of the physical body in the third dimension.
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Quantum Healing & Cell Recoding I (Cura Quântica - modulo I)

Horário e local

July 14 and 15th - from 9am to 6pm
Gold Coast, Gold Coast Queensland, Austrália

Sobre o evento

This Quantum Healing Training Course, is similar to the Mandalas System passed in 1977 by Sri Sai Baba, it is a present for humanity to be able to vibrate in the Quantum Mandalas that brings primordial memories of perfection and health. It will be taught how to recode the cells of the systems responsible for the functioning of the four lower bodies. In this system, the therapists and workers of the Light will learn to heal and help others. Come participate and discover how to remove inherited genetic distortions.

Facilitator: Isabel Otto (more infos: www.isabelcristinaotto.com.br)

Therapist since 1990, studied in India in 2006/2008/2010/2011 and 2013 at Oneness University. Therapist for 26 years with experience of groups and experiences throughout Brazil. Deeksha Trainer in 2010, Master Reiki in 1996, Rebirthing, Transpersonal Psychology, Hands of Light by the Spiritist University of Paraná, Floral Therapist, Activation of Merkabah by Flower of Life and Melchizedek Method up to level III, Formed by TRF Quantum Healing by Serafim Vieira in 2014. Specialized in groups of emotional and spiritual deepening. She currently lives at Ecovila Florescer in Urubici (SC - Brazil).

  • Quantum Healing I (Australia)

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